Winter Comfort in Mom’s Meatloaf Mondays


We’re excited to share one of Chef Dan’s favorite comfort foods with our guests this winter. A family recipe featuring succulent pork meatloaf, mashed potatoes and broccoli served with a mustard pan sauce, this dish has a fan base going back many years.

As former sous chef Bjorn Somlo tells the story, “Dan’s mom’s meatloaf is more like a warm creamy, smoky slab of porky terrine awesomeness. It was so good and fun to make back in the day. Pretty sure it was a loss for the restaurant because of ‘kitchen snacks.'”

Honored by his delicious memories of this dish…

A fresh spinach salad served with warm Rawson Brook Farm Monterey Chevre and pickled red onion is served as a first course. The two courses are on the menu every Monday night in the winter months for $24 per person through May 1st.

Come ‘n get it!